Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

I've been trying to read the 1990 pages of the Pelosi Health care bill. This thing is next to impossible to read and understand. At times it feels like a road map as you read one page you then have to go to another page just to get a reference for what you read on a previous page. My head is spinning.

I support health care reform. I want health care reform. I'm not in favor though of a complete overhaul. Parts of the system are broken, doesn't work and needs to be fixed and updated. We must address the large number of uninsured and uninsurable. We have to address the high costs of medical insurance and the way health care is delivered. We need to get patients and doctors back to making health care decisions.

I believe the President wants a single payer, "Universal Health Care System." this is why the "government option/public option" whatever you want to call it, is going to be in any plan they pass. Opinion polls show that most people want reform but don't want a complete government take over of health care.

Don't let the "government option/public option" fool you. This is the wolf in sheep's clothing. A government- run health insurance "public option," will eventually lead to a complete government take over of our health care system, sometime down the road.

Over time the private insurance plans will not be able to compete with a government plan. The government sets the rules and sets the prices. As the cost of private health insurance continues to go up and it will under this kind of proposal, more people will trickle into the government run plan. This is just what they want. They know they can't get it all at once.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

So lets see now. We'll have a new "health choices commissioner" who will decide for the good of all of us, what is "essential benefits." All insurers will have to offer first dollar coverage. The government is going to give us all kinds of free wellness coverage including, abortion benefits, unless those get taken out of the bill.

Naturally, all this free stuff has got to cost us. The CBO estimates are 1.2 trillion dollars over a decade. Whatever the price tag, one thing we can be sure of is the final cost will exceed the estimates. it always does. Government always finds a way to disguise additional costs with budget gimmicks.

The Congressional Budget office also estimates 17 million Americans would still remain uninsured under the Senate Finance Committee's 10-year, $829 billion health care bill.

This is health care reform? We can do better than this.

To read the House Bill click on this link

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